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June 16, 2012
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MLP Won't Turn Evil Into Good by Eternities22 MLP Won't Turn Evil Into Good by Eternities22

Of all the many ridiculous things bronies say, this is one of the things which irks me the most: their claim that MLP:FIM is so magnificently pure and divine that it will instantly change evil into good. To a lot of bronies, the show is like the answer to world peace, uniting every individual on Earth into a love of ponies and joy.

This irks me because such claims are absolutely bonkers. If it's really the thing that'll help mankind achieve world peace, why does it have so many haters? Because not everyone enjoys this cartoon, and raving about it all the time won't turn haters into fans. The world is a very varied place, and everyone likes different things. The chances of everyone on Earth eventually watching the show and instantly loving it are impossible. It's not going to happen, because it isn't THAT good.

There are also claims that it cures depression, motivates people to do well in life, and guarantees eternal happiness. Bronies, it's a freakin' cartoon, and the messages it teaches are for KIDS. If you are seriously saying that this show actually helped you change your life for the better, then you must have had some pretty bad lives. Yes, it teaches good messages to people. But these messages are aimed at children, specifically kids who need guidance in making and keeping friends. None of the messages will have any serious effect on the world beyond that demographic.

It wouldn't have encouraged Adolf Hitler to stop having Jews killed, or convinced Osama Bin Laden not to attack New York City. It's a cartoon for kids.
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danitaguty Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist
I love the show but i hate how hateful both fans and haters can be.... HAVENT BRONIES SEEN LESSON ZERO? (the smarty pants scene, it can be a parallel to how bronies try to convince nonbronies to watch the show, and how obsession can cause many problems)  but i still love the show and consider me a brony, or a pegasister, because the show has a more optimistic look at life compared to many other shows (not ALL of them , there's plenty of shows that are equally optimistic) who have a black and grey morality. i know it doesnt turn evil into good, but at least it tries
Im not offended, angry mad or hurt, sir, i just wanted to tell you that not all of us are insane.
please enjoy whatever fandom you are in. 
It may be a cartoon for kids, but it's freaking awesome.

I personally was in a mild depression before I found out about and started watching the show.  It actually somewhat restored my faith in humanity to know that good t.v was still possible.  I actually haven't watched t.v in about a year because of all of the horrible shows on.  Many shows cant' go for 2 minutes without making an adult reference or 30 seconds without swearing.

T.v has degraded to the point where if it isn't horribly offensive, it isn't funny.  And kids shows are even worse, I seriously feel sorry for kids these days.

But the show has overall increased my outlook on life.  I now enjoy spending time with my family and friends more than I used to, and I'm generally a much more positive person.  It's taught me to have fun again, not by hitting the bars and drinking, or chain-smoking weed all day, but by looking at life a little differently.

Don't knock it before you try it, as you say, it's just a show.
Eternities22 Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1. I fucking despise this show. I'm not going to watch it again.
2. Oh you were depressed? Pffft. Same old story.
3. "Bawwww TV sucks these days". I don't even watch much TV, but come on. There must be something else other than THIS.
4. Don't give me that baloney about how it cured your depressed and made you a better person. If it did, then that's really sad.
5. No, seriously, it is. IT'S A SHOW FOR CHILDREN. It was DESIGNED to educate and entertain CHILDREN. I always spend time with family/friends, and I didn't need some dumbass cartoon to teach how to do that. Sorry, but saying that this cartoon improved your life is just as bad as saying SpongeBob improved your life. 
6. Your fanbase is absolutely sickening, putrid, arrogant to the extreme and appallingly preachy. An embarrassment to nerd culture, an infestation of stupidity that WILL NOT SHUT ABOUT THIS OVERRATED-AS-HELL CARTOON and will not stop acting like they're better than everyone for "watching a show for little girls hurr durr I'm so speshul lololol"

And none of it will stop. Ever. When you look at it, and I mean PROPERLY LOOK AT IT, it's too retarded to believe. It's an oversized fandom obsessed with a children's cartoon about multi-coloured talking horses. It was funny at first. Now, it's irredeemably pathetic.
1. Oh, you watched it?  Sorry to tell you, but watching for 2 minutes doesn't count.
2. Yes, and so are/were a lot of other people.  The world sucks and the people in it are assholes.  I'd rather live in Equestria.
3. Have you seen TV lately?  It's all the same old crap.  Uncreative, boring, unintelligible, etc...
4. Not sad at all, actually pretty great.  I'm not saying it ALONE got me out of the rut in my life, but it made me realize to be more appreciative of my friends/family.  I don't overlook them as much anymore.  If I'm sad, friends/family are there to cheer me up now that I've bettered my relationship with them.  And if I'm bored, I've got mlp and the good people on deviantArt (ie, not you).
5. Maybe it was DESIGNED (I can use caps lock too) to be for children, but the entertainment isn't restricted to that demographic.  Things aren't always what they first appear to be, don't limit yourself to what you've already fixed yourself to believe.
6. I agree with you on one thing, some parts of the fandom are EXTREMELY creepy.  But it isn't all that way.  Again, you need to open your eyes a little wider and keep yourself from focusing on just one aspect of any particular thing.  I'm not saying I think I'm better than you just because I watch a particular show (pretty sure I never met anyone else say that either), but I am saying that you can't go around with fixed notions in your head about people/things.  There are always going to be creepy people out there that are obsessed with perverting good things, but seriously it isn't just limited to MLP, this is true of everything.  It's rule 34 of the internet.  If it exists, there is porn of it.

First off, I don't want it to stop, ever.
But clearly you have anger problems.  Don't always assume things are what they seem.  I'm not a brony because I love looking at pony porn on the internet, definitely not, I hate that.  I'm a brony because I really enjoy this particular show.  It's clever and funny, and if you don't want to give it a real try, or if you just don't want to be a part of it, then fine.  But you don't have to go around and be an asshole about it.  I don't mean to say that you or any other hater are bad people, but you don't need to take the time to bash bronies and mock the fandom or the show.  Why put forth the extra effort?  If it isn't worth your time to watch the show, then it shouldn't be worth your time to hate on it.

Us fans?  We just want to spread the word and show other people that this amazing thing exists.  There are still a lot of people who don't know about it, I just became aware of it a little under a year ago.

Lastly, I used to be a hater too.  But then I realized the error in my actions, the error being that I had never even watched a single episode of the show.  Now look at me, I'm happier than ever and I'm proud to say that I'm a brony.
"the show is like the answer to world peace, uniting every individual on Earth into a love of ponies and joy."

OMG that's such a stupidity... they are always arguing and fighting between themselves because of who is the best pony, or which is the best pairing... and BS like that...
i feel bad about mlp fandom it turned into an anti real woman
TheQueenOfSugarRush Feb 7, 2014  Student General Artist
I've heard Hetalia fans say the same thing. Ugh. ;-;
Eternities22 Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I cannot stand Hetalia. It's plagued by disturbing shipping material and it jokes about racism and terrorism (this is what I've heard).
TheQueenOfSugarRush Feb 8, 2014  Student General Artist
There are racist jokes and it does suggest shipping, but I can't recall any terrorism jokes. O_O The racist humor is just meant to be lighthearted, but terrorist humor is taking it too far. Not everyone can take a joke like that...
Eternities22 Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Apparently it makes jokes towards the Holocaust and 9/11...
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