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Untitled Drawing by Eternities22 Untitled Drawing :iconeternities22:Eternities22 1 1 I Hate Halloween by Eternities22 I Hate Halloween :iconeternities22:Eternities22 5 26 Dusty Old Room by Eternities22 Dusty Old Room :iconeternities22:Eternities22 3 0 Native American Spirit by Eternities22 Native American Spirit :iconeternities22:Eternities22 1 1 I Despise Shipping by Eternities22 I Despise Shipping :iconeternities22:Eternities22 77 103
A review of Disney's Frozen
Disney’s 2013 animated film “Frozen” is a film which has, for the most part, received critical acclaim. People all over the world were captivated by the story of Elsa and Anna, adapted from “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson. At first I was reluctant to watch the film despite finding out about the world’s adoration for it, but after my Mum bought the DVD, I decided to give it a go. My family and I sat down one day after Easter Sunday to watch the film – and honestly, I’ve never been more disappointed in my life. I didn’t just dislike Frozen. I outrighted hated it. It didn’t delight or move me in any way.
There were so many reasons to dislike Frozen that at the time, I couldn’t keep count of them. Watching it, I was so flabbergasted at the sheer ineptitude of it that I eventually gave up hope that it would improve and just sat there, knowing that at some point I’d be writing this review. Granted, I found on
:iconeternities22:Eternities22 33 153
Newton Faulkner - Rebuilt By Humans by Eternities22 Newton Faulkner - Rebuilt By Humans :iconeternities22:Eternities22 1 0
Historical Furniture
Persuaded by a letter sent one day before,
We had walked on for hours to a house by the shore.
It promised us treasures so rare and divine,
At affordable prices one could not decline.
We rang the old doorbell, and the door opened wide,
But with nobody present to welcome us inside.
The hallway was dusty but not enough to offend;
Rather dark it was too, with at the door at the end.
Entering the room, we were amazed as we saw
Such historical furniture as we opened the door.
It all looked magnificent, so intricately constructed
By masterful craftsmen, professionally instructed.
And then, out of nowhere, a small man appeared;
He resembled a leprechaun, even his beard.
His smile was quite wide as he saw us alarmed
And he danced a quick dance; oh boy, was he charmed.
“I finally have customers!” he shouted out loud,
“Oh, thank you my friends, you’ve made me so proud!”
He told us to purchase anything we could see,
Though we felt that his wares better suited royalty
:iconeternities22:Eternities22 4 0
Amethyst Dimension by Eternities22 Amethyst Dimension :iconeternities22:Eternities22 4 3
Otters Fade In The Fog...
A forgotten, dense wood is saturated by mist;
Its twisting trees stand there as sentries.
Carpets of overgrown grass and flowers
Are darkened, yet elegant regardless.
There stands a man so old and so frail;
His silhouette is all one can see.
He makes not one move as he inspects his home
And he patiently waits there, alone.
And then without warning, a journey begins;
He first crosses a bridge quite decayed.
It creaks and it shakes, but it does not collapse,
And bewildered, I follow his way.
The varying colours of areas traversed
Suggest frequent emotional change.
Incantations reverberate, they foreshadow demise
As onwards we tread through the fog.
Then multiple otters, much smaller than him,
Regard him a leader to be followed on whim.
They emerge and unite, yet all are unique,
Apparently summoned from memories antique.
Then the creatures turn to me, and there do I notice
Such woeful, but accepting expressions.
One opens its jaw, and it tells me to go.
But I cannot leave; I know I've bee
:iconeternities22:Eternities22 1 3
Tranquil Crater by Eternities22 Tranquil Crater :iconeternities22:Eternities22 3 1 Pond By The Woods by Eternities22 Pond By The Woods :iconeternities22:Eternities22 3 2 Not Every Pokemon Is A Male by Eternities22 Not Every Pokemon Is A Male :iconeternities22:Eternities22 71 89 Warzone by Eternities22 Warzone :iconeternities22:Eternities22 4 0 Polar Bear by Eternities22 Polar Bear :iconeternities22:Eternities22 4 1 Baby Shark by Eternities22 Baby Shark :iconeternities22:Eternities22 11 12


The temple by ElenaDudina The temple :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 3,664 436 Love isn't love if it barks by genkistamps Love isn't love if it barks :icongenkistamps:genkistamps 795 607 DYEPARS DURR HURR ME SO EDGY I SHAT MYSELF by KetchAKan DYEPARS DURR HURR ME SO EDGY I SHAT MYSELF :iconketchakan:KetchAKan 162 140 no drugs STAMP by peterdzign no drugs STAMP :iconpeterdzign:peterdzign 329 72 Meat lover by prosaix Meat lover :iconprosaix:prosaix 6,728 2,986 UPDATE by Little-rolling-bean UPDATE :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 229 517 Genesis - Wind And Wuthering by ediskrad-studios Genesis - Wind And Wuthering :iconediskrad-studios:ediskrad-studios 6 3 Rabid by Chiminix Rabid :iconchiminix:Chiminix 70 18 durr hurr prowd aspeh lol by BaconMagic durr hurr prowd aspeh lol :iconbaconmagic:BaconMagic 179 299 But They Ruined Them!!!111 by TheArtOfNotLikingYou But They Ruined Them!!!111 :icontheartofnotlikingyou:TheArtOfNotLikingYou 195 17 Why? by WaywardSoothsayer Why? :iconwaywardsoothsayer:WaywardSoothsayer 123 48 There are psycho Harry Potter fans too! by Guei-Girl There are psycho Harry Potter fans too! :iconguei-girl:Guei-Girl 33 114 Do I HAVE to love everyone to be open minded?  by Little-rolling-bean Do I HAVE to love everyone to be open minded? :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 416 219 Shut Up You're Not Japanese by sambees Shut Up You're Not Japanese :iconsambees:sambees 18,160 1,849 I don't care what 'otherkin' label you use. by World-Hero21 I don't care what 'otherkin' label you use. :iconworld-hero21:World-Hero21 324 92


If anyone's wondering why I seemed to have stopped uploading deviations, it's because - and I hate to say it - I'm actually getting rather tired with DeviantArt. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this website; I try to come here at least once a day to read comments and I may uploaded a deviation once in a while. But I'm enjoying it far less than normal here, because I really feel like this place angers me more than it should.

Firstly, this place is plagued by some of the most unbelievably childish people I've ever met. Whenever I go to a userpage and it's flooded with images of cutesy animals, animated GIFs, stamps, and multi-coloured text, it honestly makes me want to throw up, because there are loads of these on this website and it's just obnoxious. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. I've read so many brainless and disturbing comments on this website that it lowers my faith in the human race, mainly those that are really short and meaningless, ones that are poorly-spelled and overuse emoticons, and ones that are ridiculously rabid, immature or perverted. All of the worst fanbases I've ever come across are available here, and it shows through these comments and the moronic amount of art for the same shows, films and games, especially creepy shipping art. It's become so repetitive that it's hard to really care for any of it. Also, the amount of fetish material on this website makes me sick. Yes, we all have fetishes, and I'll admit to having taken a look at some the deviations that turn me on a few times. But my God, the amount of it is staggering. There are entire galleries and groups purely dedicated to nothing but fetish material for some of the most bizarre fetishes I've ever seen; some of it is tolerable, but some of it is also sickening, like yaoi and inflation. And a lot of it is comprised of porn featuring both classic and modern cartoon and game characters, which personally I find disturbing because I have no idea why people are turned on by their childhood characters in sexual situations. And then there's some stuff on here which is so gross that I don't want to call attention to it. Basically, I just can't help but get annoyed at so much of this website and its largely childish and creepy populace. Once in a while, I'll have an interesting and mature conversation with a person who is actually sane, but those are so few and far between that it no longer feels worth it; and I have met several very nice and intelligent people as well. But there are so many weird, annoying, ignorant, rabid, pathetic and obsessive people that I find myself avoiding comment sections a lot more often now, just like with YouTube.

And the second problem, for me, is that it's become increasingly difficult for me to make my art known. I've posted my deviations to numerous art groups and I really appreciate the favourites that some of my pieces have received, but at seems that nowadays, the only of my deviations that get favourited are my stamps, mainly my stamps against MLP:FIM. I'm glad that so many people support my opinions of these stamps, but I'd also like it if some of my other deviations were more viewed. This is especially the case with the lyrics to the two songs I've uploaded. Sure, I certainly don't think either of them are perfect, but they've been getting almost no attention, and there's little more I can do to show them off besides obnoxiously shouting about them, which of course I will never do. I'm not the kind of person that appeals to the lowest common denominator. Often, the worst, most basic and most pandering deviations get a majority of the favourites now. You can just upload anything to do with MLP, or a cute animal, or a kissing anime couple, or really anything that's currently mega-popular at the moment and it's often an instant hit. It really gets on my nerves at how easily impressed so many users are here. Thus, when I upload a deviation, I no longer really feel a sense of satisfaction because I know it isn't going to be popular. Nothing I make will get hugely popular because I'm not that good an artist, and I accept that. So, I feel less pressure to actually upload. I just don't really care anymore, and I want to keep caring but I'm finding less and less reasons to actually care. I just feel so out of place here.

I didn't say all of that in an attention-seeking attempt to get sympathy, and I'm not leaving DeviantArt or anything; I just wanted to talk about why I'm starting to feel highly detached from DA. Rant over.
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Drugfree Stamp by LiveToCodeRequest XVII by paramoreSUCKSBritish stamp by Bourbons3:thumb112195866:Non-smoker Stamp by StampsbyJenFantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori:thumb353353509:Genesis Stamp by Giga-manOh, Fandoms by mymunchiesComplete Sentences stamp by barefootphotosSTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzI listen to music a lot by MissNooyLoveMusicStamp by tRiBaLmArKiNgSPokemon Stamp by MarkiSanI  Hate My Little Pony. by LainaofthesandLOLKeep it to yourself plz k thanks by Caution-LowCeilingI love the wind Stamp by Stamp221Rain Stamp by Stamp221Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86My Generation Stamp by Spikytastic:thumb157211386:I Support My Right To Rant by Foxxie-ChanThe Procrastination Stamp by BusirisI Love Chocolate by SophibelleReligion by MaruLovesStampsWriters Stamp by shadow-wolf-hauntsSpiders are animals too by RoliStampsLooking At The Sky Stamp by cleopataAtheist Stamp by anastasia-blackGrammar Nazi Stamp by grammarnaziplzCadbury's Stamp by Kezzi-RoseStop Trying to be Cute by silentbattlecryRock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2



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Stop wasting your time people Im sure there's better things you can do \(°^°)/
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